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Services Offered

Assurance and Advisory Services

Professionalism & Technical expertise

We understand the true value that a thorough and objective assurance and advisory service can bring to an organization…Learn more

Employee Benefits, Pension, & Profit-Sharing Plans

Analysis & Insights

As a service to our clients, and other interested parties who are involved in or in need of employee…Learn more

Taxation Services

Planning and Preparation

At Iyer Associates, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning, preparation decisions and more…Learn more

Management Advisory Services

Valuation, Analysis & Advising

We Iyer Associates takes pride in providing the various Management Advisory Services such as Business Valuation… Learn more

Accounting services

Accurate record-keeping & reporting

Our professional accounting services are first choice for every outsourcing business. From start-ups to established …Learn more

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Identify the key accounting

Many years of experience helping clients transition from local GAAP to IFRS and assists clients around the world…Learn more


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Satisfied Clients


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